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We help you liquidate your inventory quicker so you don't hold dead stock & block your capital.


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We help you optimize your cash flow and solve your working capital problems.

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We help you liquidate your inventory quicker so you don't hold dead stock & block your capital. Get access to 5x more customer requirements around you so that you never run out of sales opportunities Embrace Metalbook's financial advantages to effectively boost your bottom line and transform your sales strategy.

Time is crucial in business. Metalbook enhances this critical asset by providing delivery speeds that are 70% faster than conventional methods. Our advanced logistics network is designed to ensure that your materials reach their destinations promptly, thereby minimizing potential sales delays and maximizing customer satisfaction. Rely on Metalbook to keep your operations agile and your deliveries on schedule.

Post your unsold inventory on Metalbook platform and receive best prices for it from Metalbook. We have a customer base of 2500+ customers on our bidding platform eager to snatch geat deals.

One of the major challenges faced by the suppliers in the Metal Industry is Working captial problem. We at Metalbook, solve these challenges for you by offering better payment terms and respecting our commitments towards you so you're never short of capital.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about how Metalbook can assist you.

Will I have to arrange for the transportation for my order?

No, we got you covered. We are an end-to-end provider of high quality Metal products, and help you with their hassle-free fulfillment from providing the best rates to you, till delivering the order safely to your doorstep. Metalbook has a large logistics base to help you transport materials PAN India.

I’m a supplier out of Nagpur. Can Metalbook guide us to what SKUs I should concentrate on to boost sales and profit in my region?

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Metalbook provides robust and accurate analysis of the demand of any region in India and can efficiently help you manage your inventory to boost sales. Metalbook forecasts the Iron and Steel demand as per market trends and other factors and helps suppliers to understand the changing market conditions.

I’m a supplier. If I quote for a customer inquiry, will the rates and quotes be visible to other suppliers or customers on the portal?

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No, Metalbook is a closed Metal marketplace, your quote will only be visible to Metalbook, and through us to the customer.

I'm a Steel Wholesaler based out of Kanpur, how can I sell my items to the neighbouring cities and states?

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We help you get access to the customer enquiries from across the country on the basis of your inventory. You can respond to the customer enquiries with your rates and availability of the items or Auction your inventory to buyers to gain more visibility and reach. Metalbook also helps you to buy inventory at the best rates through manufacturers and help in inventory management, by analysing market trends and demand across your region.

How can I sell items through Metalbook?

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You can just log into our website, schedule a demo with us and get registered with Metalbook. After our team verifies your credentials, you will be promoted to a Metalbook certified supplier and will get access to the customer/steel requirements from all over the country.