Become our partner and get quotations on your demand from more than 750+ suppliers across India. Participate in Metalbook auctions to get the material at Best market prices.

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We handle your orders from beginning to end, helping you to solve problems and increase profits. We are your partner and buy the product for you. Metalbook makes sure that your time is not wasted chasing multiple suppliers, we take care of everything.

Proven Results With Measurable ROI


Faster Process

Slashing the time it takes to create and manage your RFQs.


Cost Savings

Expanded reach with a broader network of supply which drives savings.


Less Manual Effort

Our intelligent tools allow you to track everything in one place.

Sourcing material has never been easier.
We provide end to end solutions at the best price in the market.

Save your Time and Money using our technology.

Built for you so you can find what you’re looking for

Simply and quickly search through thousands of product listings to find the material you need.

We accumulate quotations from pan india suppliers on your behalf and get you the best price.

Our algorithms give you intelligent recommendations based on current market prices and industry sentiments.

Create your Enquiry or participate in Auctions

Our network of qualified suppliers are automatically notified by our technology driven workflow tools.

Create an enquiry for all the items you need in one simple form and we get the best rates from our supplier network.

Participate in our real-time auctions and get the listed products at throw away prices.

We negotiate with multiple suppliers on your behalf and get you the lowest price possible in the market.

Manage your orders and transactions in one place.

We have got you covered. You never have to worry about the status of your order as we ensure last mile delivery.

You can track the journey from enquiry to delivery in a simple dashboard.

We keep you updated with the right information and you can access every document from PO, invoices to delivery related docs.

You can see your ledger and credit related info in a simple dashboard.


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