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Metal Recycling

Simplifying metal recycling for a sustainable future. Join us in shaping the circular economy effortlessly!

Our mission is to be the world's most efficient and convenient marketplace for secondary metals. And we do that by enabling efficient trade of secondary metals through technology, speeding up the flow of secondary metal recycling, reducing the need to mine primary raw materials and lowering the world's emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Metals we Recycle

Metal recycles forever and is a key reusable commodity for infrastructure and goods production. We specialize in collecting and repurposing materials to create a greener future.

HMS Scrap (Heavy Melting)

HMS scrap, encompassing a mix of industrial and light scrap, undergoes recycling processes for reusing metal components. Efficient processing of HMS scrap contributes to responsible waste management, facilitating sustainable practices in the metal recycling industry.


Corrosion-resistant alloys like nickel and stainless steel play vital roles in diverse industries. Recycling these alloys reduces environmental impact, promotes circular economy principles, and contributes to sustainable metal production practices, aligning with global eco-friendly initiatives.


Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum stands as a versatile metal. Widely used in industries, its recyclability plays a pivotal role in reducing environmental impact, promoting sustainability, and conserving energy in manufacturing processes.


Distinguished by its versatility and durability, zinc serves diverse industrial applications. Its recyclability is a key factor in sustainable resource management, minimizing reliance on new raw materials and fostering eco-friendly practices.


Celebrated for its lightweight properties, magnesium finds applications in aerospace and automotive sectors. Its recyclability not only supports resource conservation but also contributes to responsible waste management, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals, a combination of various alloys, present unique recycling challenges. Efficient sorting methods are crucial, ensuring effective resource recovery and contributing to sustainable waste management practices in the metal industry.


A key player in battery technology, lithium is essential for powering electric vehicles and portable electronics. With its lightweight and high-energy density properties, lithium contributes to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.


Critical in battery chemistry, cobalt enhances stability and energy storage in rechargeable batteries, particularly in electric vehicles. Its role in advancing clean energy technologies makes cobalt a crucial element in the pursuit of a greener future.


Comprising discarded lead materials, lead scrap recycling is imperative for environmental safety. Responsible lead scrap management prevents harmful environmental effects, ensuring effective waste disposal and supporting sustainability in the broader metal industry.

Moving towards a Sustainable Future


1.2L+ tons of Recycled Metal

We have supplied more than 1.2L+ tons of Recycled metal in an year.


Network of Manufacturers

Network of more than 12+ manufacturers procuring from us.


Supply network

Network of small recyclers who are associated with us and helping us in our mission.

Enabling World's Biggest Metal Producers

Metalbook helps procure Recycled metals for Metal production hence decreasing the carbon footprint and taking a big step towards a Greener Future.